Tour OdéonArchitecture

The Tour Odéon project reflects the intention to create a real symbol for Monaco, a tower that stands out and says clearly that modern architecture and design have their place here on the Mediterranean coast.

At 170 metres in height, Tour Odéon is the Principality’s tallest building. The imperious, double tower contains 60 two to four bedroom apartments, two 1,200 square metres sky duplexes and a spectacular 5 storey, 3,500 square metres sky penthouse. All located between the 20th and 49th floors. Its setting is equally impressive. The building stands in a quiet district overlooking the Principality yet within five minutes of the Place du Casino and the bustling centre of Monaco. It is the latest visionary project by architect Alexandre Giraldi, already acknowledged as a master of modern, elegant, European architecture.

Tour OdéonConstruction

The Tour Odéon announces a new level of architectural quality and modernity in the heart of this place of legend.

The Tour Odéon project has involved a very large number of people, but the real story of the building is that of the literally thousands of people who have brought it to completion. From the very outset, the Groupe Marzocco worked with the Monaco architect Alexandre Giraldi, and the final form of the Tour Odéon is a testimony to his talents. Finally, and as a real proof of the high quality sought from the outset, the renowned decorator and interior designer Alberto Pinto was brought on board to handle all the interiors. Beyond this select group, together with the Vinci Construction company, the Tower has taken form with many other leading specialists in their fields, such as the garden designer Jean Mus, or the lighting specialist Yann Kersalé. Those who are familiar with contemporary architecture and design will know, just from the evocation of these names, that the Tour Odéon project has been an exceptional enterprise from start to finish.

Tour OdéonTimeline

From 2009 to 2016

  1. November 2009

    Start of works & start of site preparation and demolition

  2. December 2009

    Start of excavation, retaining structure and foundation works

  3. Februrary 2010

    Completion of site preparation and demoliton

  4. October 2011

    Beginning of structural work, completion of excavation, retaining and foundation works

  5. January 2012

    Completion of ground floor slab

  6. October 2012

    Completion of 10th floor slab

  7. December 2012

    Completion of 25th floor slab

  8. July 2013

    Completion of structural work

  9. March 2014

    Completion of the facade cladding

  10. April 2015

    Completion of finishing work in the lobbies and common areas

  11. June 2015

    Completion of finishing work in the apartments

  12. July 2015

    Delivery of the first private apartments

  13. January 2016

    Opening of the Odéon Spa

Tour OdéonConstruction Film