Menu Odeon cafe by Cipriani


Pasta e fagioli
Homemade baked tagliolini alla Cipriani with ham
Homemade baked green tagliolini alla Cipriani with veal ragù
Risotto alla primavera (Please allow 20 min)
Beef carpaccio with mix green salad
Scampi al curry
Chicken with curry rice pilaf
Veal farfalle alla milanese with rucola and cherry tomatoes
Japanese suggestions

Tuna tartare

Tuna scottato with braised fennel
Marinated alaskan cod with pears and yuzu miso sauce (Please allow 15 min)
New sashimi salmon: wasabi shoyu, seared with olive and sesame oil
Fried scampi in crosta di pasta filo


Cucumber: green beans, spinach, tomatoes, almonds, soya sprouts
Octopus and artichokes with olive oil and lemon
Mediterranée: asparagus, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rucola and avocado
Monte-Carlo: avocado, cherry tomatoes, gamberi, olives,french beans
Lentil: orange, celery, cherry tomatoes and mint


Dover sole with mix salad
Scampi with vegetables
Branzino alla veneziana with mix salad
Organic corn fed chicken with vegetables
Organic corn fed chicken alla diavola with roasted potatoes
Rib-eye of Angus beef (U.S.A) with vegetables (700g)
T-Bone steak of Piedmont beef with vegetables (1200g)


Mix green salad with seasonal leaves
Artichokes salad with olive oil and slices of parmigiano
Asparagus and beetroot salad with goat cheese
Fresh mozzarella di bufala with tomato and basil
Fresh burrata with tomatoes and basil
Bresaola with rucola and parmigiano cheese
Sweet prosciutto crudo from Parma
Veal tonnato
Battuta di fassone beef tartare with artichokes
King crab salad
Grilled scamorza with soft polenta
Fried calamari and scampi with tartare sauce
Baccalà mantecato with polenta
Seppioline in umido with grilled polenta


Caviar Beluga Siberia (30g)
Caviar Beluga Siberia (100g)

Soups, Pasta and Risotti

Carrot soup
Aubergines alla parmigiana
Tagliardi with veal ragu
Pasticcio alla bolognese
Green tagliarelle alla bolognese
Tagliarelle with pesto
Tagliolini al nero di seppia
Paccheri alla genovese
Tagliarelle with porcini
Tortellini with prosciutto, panna and piselli
Spaghetti with scampi and zucchini
Homemade potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and basil
Homemade ricotta and spinach ravioli alla guardi
Pappardelle all'arrabbiata
Pennette (Kamut) with cacio e pepe
Rigatoni all' amatriciana
Risotto with garden peas (Please allow 20 min.)

Fish - Meat

Tuna with cherry tomatoes and olives
Chilean sea bass alla Carlina and rice pilaf
Dover sole alla mugnaia, rice pilaf
Seppie in tecia with grilled polenta
Boneless chicken spezzatino alla pizzaiola
Veal farfalle with lemon sauce with rice pilaf
Calf's Liver alla veneziana with grilled polenta
Veal chop with porcini
Fillet of beef with peppercorn sauce and vegetables


Selection of homemade cakes
Individual Tiramisu
Homemade vanilla ice cream à la minute
Mix sorbet